Gold Tip Expedition Hunter Arrows - $34.99

Each group is hand-weighed for weight tolerances within 2 grains. Made of 100% carbon construction which offers the bowhunter a perfect blend of speed and penetration. Expedition Hunter arrows are constructed with a straightness factor of .006 and come standard with GT Series nocks and inserts. 2 vanes. Arrows are full length with inserts loose. Per 6. Straightness factor: .006. Weight tolerance: 2 gr. Sizes: 55 lb./75 lb. (8.2 gpi) 75 lb./95 lb. (8.9 gpi) Diameter: 557-.295; 759-.300. Recommended field point size: 5/16 or .313. Color:Black. Vane colors may vary from what is shown. Draw Weight (lbs.) Arrow Length (in.) 27 28 29 30 31 - $34.99


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