Gobblin Thunder Choke Tubes - $59.99

This is one awesome turkey choke! Most 10- and 12-gauge factory threaded guns can become instant turkey hunting specialists with this choke -- it's highly dependable, effective, and deadly. Conical parallel design combined with exclusive outward angled diagonal ports that improve patterns up to 20%. Ports also reduce muzzle jump and recoil for faster and more accurate follow-up shots. The directional angle of the ports is 135 degrees away from the shooter, reducing side blast prevalent in ports 90 degrees or less. Because of its sharp angle, the inside forward lip ''grabs,'' stabilizes, and slows the wad for faster separation of wad and shot column. This feature combined with a parallel section where the constriction is held constant produces great patterns. The extended portion of the choke tube extends 1-3/4'' from the muzzle and isn't noticeable when shooting. Matte black finish. Lead shot only. - $59.99


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