GOAL ZERO Camp Lights - $5.88

Developed by an entrepreneur who recognized the need for portable light in the remote regions of the Congo,Goal Zero products are rapidly gaining popularity with hunters, backpackers and adventurers around the world. Field-proven in the most remote regions, these portable lights will change the way you camp. Estrella 3W Light Ultraportable and powerful, this handy light provides instant reliable illumination. The 3-watt LED bulb provides approximately 140 lumens (same as a 45-watt incandescent bulb) and is rated for 20,000 hours of use. 15 bendable snake cord secures it around tent poles and other objects for hands-free lighting. Powered by Goal Zero batteries or any 12-volt vehicle adapter. Can be daisy chained in a series with 11 other Estrella lights. Dimensions: 2.18 x 1.64. Weight: 7.36 oz. Luna LED Pen Light An ultraportable LED light with a convenient USB connection that can be powered by Goal Zero batteries or any USB device. Its 1-watt LED has 10 bulbs for exceptional brightness. A 9 bendable cord provides convenient, multiposition versatility and lets you secure it around objects like tree branches and tent lofts. Weight: 1.4 oz. - $5.88


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