Go PEET Dryer - $39.99

Two small drying units pack a lot of power to handle a big pair of footwear at once. They effectively dry and warm all types of footwear. PEET UV technology is built in to neutralize bacteria and other contaminants. The Go! PEET dryer comes with two power adapters: one standard and one mobile and a travel pouch. Imported.Manufacturer model #: M04P. Why PEET Dry? There?s dry, and then there?s PEET DRY-a special kind of dry. The authentic, original PEET Dryer works naturally, using gentle, thermal convection to effectively remove wet, sweat, and odors from shoes, boots, and all types of footwear.PEET Dry is Comfortable. You start every day dry and fresh. Simply placing footwear (or other gear) on your PEET Dryer at bedtime means waking up to cozy, warm PEET Dry comfort.PEET Dry is Healthier.Dry footwear is healthier for feet. Studies have shown that damp footgear causes blisters and is an ideal environment for fungus growth that results in foot irritations (like athlete?s foot, staph infections, or other germs).PEET Dry Eliminates Odor.It removes perspiration and bacteria and, along with them, the odors they cause-which is good for you, and good for those who live with you!PEET Dry Extends the Life of your Gear...It attacks contaminants-like mold and mildew-that can cause premature deterioration of the materials from which your expensive footwear and gear are made (costing you money).PEET Dry is Guaranteed. All PEET Dryer products-including Dry. Ports and Extensions-carry a generous PEET Dry Warranty. - $39.99


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