GMagnum Canada Goose Shell Decoys - Natural (CANADA GOOSE DECOYS) - $77.88

Flocks will spot these magnum decoys from great distances, giving them plenty of time to make a feet-down commitment. Each decoy is custom manufactured of high-impact plastic based on some of the most realistic hand-carved decoys ever designed. The raised feather detail and hand-painted exterior give that finishing touch late-season birds need to convince them to land. The natural coloration produces no shine or glare, even when scuffed. They also feature removable snap-on heads. The shells nest snugly inside one another to easily pack a few dozen decoys in a single decoy bag. They are 30 overall with a sentinel head. Packed with one sentry, one greeter, three feeders and one resting head. Per 6. Color: Natural. - $77.88


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