Gene Larew Bobby Garland Baby Shad - Chartreuse - $3.19

The late Bobby Garland was a well-known fisherman renowned for the many unique soft-plastic bait designs to his credit. The Baby Shad is one of his designs that has proved deadly when fishing for big slab crappies. Its baitfish profile and tempting wiggle tempt crappies into biting, especially when used with a jighead. Per 18. Size: 2. Colors: (065)Pearl White, (141)Chartreuse Black Pepper, (142)Blue Thunder, (143)Bleeding Shad, (145)Hologram Ghost, (148)Crystal, (181)Bluegrass, (187)Mo Glo Outlaw Special, (200)Albino Shad, (203)Monkey Milk, (206)Key Lime Pie, (219)Electric Chicken, (311)Lights Out, (336)Blue Ice, (918)Mo Glo Pink Phantom. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Shad. - $3.19


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