Gary Yamamoto Original Senko - (002)Smoke/ (008)Red/ (020)Black/ (021)Black/Blue Flake/ (036)Cream White/ (133)Chartreuse/Black Flake/ (157)Smoke/Blac...

The one that started the soft-plastic stick bait revolution. Loaded with salt to both add weight and flavor, the Senko has consistently been a top producer in the professional circuits. Can be rigged several different ways. The Senko wiggles and slides through the water with an incredible action. Has a slow, undulating action on the fall. Imported. Sizes: Per 10 - 3, 4, 5. Per 5 - 6, 7. Color: (002)Smoke, (008)Red, (020)Black, (021)Black/Blue Flake, (036)Cream White, (133)Chartreuse/Black Flake, (157)Smoke/Black/Purple Flake, (159)Blue Black/Chartreuse Flake, (169)Chartreuse/Green/Chartreuse Flake, (177)Smoke/Black/Silver Flake, (182)Watermelon, (208)Watermelon/Black/Red Flake, (213)Purple/Emerald Flake, (214)Smoke/Black/Blue/Gold Flake, (221)Cinnamon/Black/Purple Flake,(222)Watermelon/Red/Green Flake, (229)Bubblegum, (231)Plum/Emerald Flake, (234)Purple Pearl/Blue Flake, (236)Smoke/Root Beer/Green/Copper Flake, (239)Blue Pearl/Black/Hologram Flake, (241)Cinnamon Brown, (297)Green Pumpkin/Black Flake, (301)Green Pumpkin/Green/Purple Flake, (303)Pearl/Gold/Black Flake, (305)Baby Bass, (306)Natural Shad, (323)Watermelon/Black/Gold Flake, (329)Watermelon/Purple Flake, (357)Light Green Pumpkin/Red Flake, (358)Dark Pumpkin/Purple Black, (359)Smoke Blue/Purple Silver, (523)Black/Blue Flake/Blue Tip, - $5.99


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