Gary Yamamoto 4 Slim Senko - Chartreuse - $7.99

Crafted for finesse techniques like dropshotting and split-shot fishing, the Slim Senko is the ideal imitation for smaller forage species. The slender profile is ideal for drop-shotting. Or, try it on heavily pressured fish. Per 10. Size: 4 . Colors: (020)Black, (021)Black/Blue Flake, (169)Chartreuse/Green/Chartreuse Flake, (182)Watermelon, (214)Smoke/Black/Blue/Gold Flake, (236)Smoke Rootbeer/Green/Copper Flake, (671)Watermelon/Black Flake, (956)Blue Pearl/Silver Flake(not shown). Color: Chartreuse. Type: Stick Baits. - $7.99


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