Game Vector Game Recovery Bow Kit - $319.99

Game Vector Game Recovery Bow Kit is a complete game recovery system for archers. OK, so you nailed a trophy with your bow. But it ran away and you can't seem to find it. Now there is a solution to this very common hunting dilemma. That's this sure-fire game recovery system. It has everything you need to track and retrieve mortally wounded game. Consists of 2 parts... The Game Vector receiver and the HideRider transmitter. At a tiny 65 grains, the transmitter snaps onto your arrow, behind the broadhead. It's aerodynamic so it will not affect arrow flight. And it's lightweight, so it won't affect your range. Called the HideRider because it features a barbed hook that attaches on the hide, releasing it from the arrow upon impact. The HideRider "comes alive" when shot from a bow. Works up to 2 miles in optimal conditions. It also features an LED light which indicates "power on." Included in the Kit: Game Vector Receiver sports indicator lights that help determine directional search and how close you are to the deer HideRider Transmitter with battery and retainer 2 HideRider Practice Capsules Extra retainers. Get the edge on finding wounded game. - $319.99