Galco Concealable Handgun Belt Holster - $99.99

The Galco Concealable Handgun Belt Holster is made with a unique two-piece, forward-molded design that contours the holster to the natural curve of the user's hip. Gun concealment is enhanced with the forward molded design, as it pulls the butt of the handgun closer to the body than with a traditional pancake holster, and minimizes belt bulging both in front of and behind the holster. The holster's open-top and butt-forward cant allows for rapid draw in time of need. The Concealable Handgun Belt Holster attaches to the user's belt extremely securely, and the full slide/barrel coverage, hand-molded fit provides secure retention. A fully covered trigger guard enhances safety. The Galco Concealable is made of premium steer hide, with double-stitched seams. This is a holster of exceptional quality that carries a concealed carry sidearm comfortably in a readily accessible mode. Fits belts up to 1-1/2inch wide.Designed for maximum concealment and comfort. Carries sidearm in an open-top, butt-forward cant. Two-piece, forward-molded design. Full slide/barrel coverage. Hand-molded fit provides. Double-stitched premium steer hide - $99.99


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