Galco Ankle Glove Handgun Holster - $89.99

The Galco Ankle Glove Handgun Holster offers a comfortable method of concealed carry with maximum concealability. Ankle holsters are ideal for use in hot weather when light, thin shirts are worn that don't conceal well, and they are perhaps the ultimate choice for self defense when the user is in a seated position as when working at a desk or riding in an automobile. Designed for maximum comfort, the Ankle Glove Handgun Holster uses soft, stretchy, breathable neoprene (spandex) with a Velcro closure. Behind the holster on the interior of the band a pad of yellow sheepskin prevents the gun from biting into the wearer's leg. The actual holster is made of premium steer hide. A reinforced thumb break and a hand-molded fit provide secure retention. The Galco Ankle Glove is a Handgun Holster of exceptional quality that carries a concealed carry sidearm comfortably for long hours; handguns are carried in deep concealment and are easily reachable.Manufacturer model #: AG160.Provides maximum concealment and comfort. Ultimate choice for self-defense from a seated position. Soft, stretchy, breathable neoprene band. Sheepskin pads adds comfort. Premium steer hide holster. Reinforced thumb break. Hand-molded fit - $89.99


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