G5 Outdoors HAVOC 100 grain Expandable Broadhead - $44.99

G5 Outdoors HAVOC 100 grain Expandable Broadhead is a 2-bladed mechanical that uses a new Dual Trap mechanism to deploy its cutting power more reliably than ever before. Utilizing a stainless steel collar and a durable elastomeric ring, the Havoc is consistent and deadly. Surgically precise construction, incredible sharpness, and a 2inch cutting diameter make it insanely deadly, an it's flight is virtually indistinguishable from a target point. Equipped with .030inch Lutz German steel blades.2inch cutting diameter.030inch stainless steel Lutz blades100% steel tough. Dual trap blade retention system. Cut-on contact design. Replacement blades available. Available in 100 grains only - $44.99


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