FOXPRO Truck Pro Electronic Game Call with Remote Control - $599.99

Stores and accesses up to 1000 game sounds. Dual speakers deliver realistic sounds at incredible volume. Speakers easily attach to the outside of your vehicle. Includes 25 feet of cable for each speaker. Comes with 100 preloaded sounds. Powered by 12-volt socket. Features a small dashboard remote and a remote control with graphic LCD screen. Full of high tech applications to increase your success. Fox. Pro designed the Truck Pro Electronic Game Call especially for hunters who hunt varmints and predators out of a pickup truck (check your local hunting regulations before using); or for those who locate animals while scouting from a vehicle. The Truck Pro electronic game call system includes 2 speakers that easily attach anywhere on the outside of your vehicle, and 25 feet of cable for each one. The main unit of the Truck Pro can be placed under your seat, and the power cord plugs into any 12-volt socket. The Truck Pro also features a small dashboard remote that can be mounted virtually anywhere and provides you with quick access to 2 of your preset sounds at any time. You get 100 high quality Fox. Pro sounds with the Truck Pro, and you can store and access up to 900 more. The Truck Pro comes with a remote control that features a full color graphic LCD screen, which displays your sound list, a barometer indicator, moon phase indicator, temperature indicator, battery level indicator, and time clock-all to make your hunt a success. The Fox. Pro Fusion has many high-tech advancements that aid you to out-wit the trickiest predators: like Fox. Motion? that allows you to fade the sound from the left speaker to the right; Fox. Fusion? allows you to mix and match any two sounds at the same time; Fox. Pitch? allows you to manipulate the pitch of the sound in an effort to trigger a response; Fox. Data? allows you to record information from every stop so you can access the data for future reference. The Truck Pro electronic game call system by Fox. Pro enables you to cover extremely large areas of terrain to locate game.Manufacturer model #: TP1.FOXBANG? When enabled, FOXBANG will automatically switch call sounds to your preset choice upon the discharge of your firearm, allowing you to keep your hands on your gun.FOXMOTION? Auto-fading presents the illusion of movement as sounds fade from the speaker on one side to the speaker on the other. FOXFUSION? Mix and match two individual sounds of your choice to create the illusion of animal interaction.FOXPITCH? Change the pitch of any sound playing by raising or lowering it to create the sound desired.FOXDATA? Records real time information pertaining to what is happening around you for use in predicting future animal activity. Analyze time of day, sound playing, stand duration, barometric pressure, temperature, moon phase, time of shots, etc. to determine your most successful sounds, time, etc. - $599.99


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