Forum Back Alley Beanie - $13.17

You and your crew are cruising through the city looking for a spot to stack some footage on when you find a nice closeout rail down a dimly lit alley. You set up the tripod, the mini-gen, and the lights. It's perfect and nobody is there. Nobody except a vagrant who staggers toward you holding a bottle of malt liquor inside a crumpled paper bag. You cannot see his face, but you are not scared as he is outnumbered and probably just begging for change. While facing the halogens, he unveils his shrouded face to reveal a cybernetic visage with glowing green eyes that radiate bad intent. You freak out and your crew scatters. But your effort to find safety is thwarted by the oversized laser guns he has drawn from beneath his weathered trenchcoat. Your ultimate ending is just another tick mark on the alley wall for this nameless and soulless creature. The worst part about it He is now the sole owner of your Forum Back Alley Beanie. - $13.17


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