Fortress Refrigerator Hi-Security Safe - $379.99

Fortress Refrigerator Hi-Security Safe keeps valuables hidden from hungry thieves! Looks like a mini fridge... but it's much more! Hinged exterior door opens to reveal interior Safe with 1" door bolts and dual electronic lock. Plenty of room inside for securing handguns, cameras, hard drives and other small valuables. Built tough, too... at 143 lbs., this is heavy-duty security in brilliant disguise! Strong 1/4" thick steel walls Heavy-duty 1" door bolts Padded interior with removable shelf Dual lock requires code and keys to enter Alarm-U programmable theft alert system Lifetime Attack Warranty, 10-year manufacturer's Warranty, and 1-year satisfaction guarantee Measures approx. 15 3/4 x 17 3/4 x 18"h., weighs 143 lbs.!!! Limited Quantities !!! - $379.99