Foreverlast Tripod Game Hoist - $159.99

Sometimes you get a deer or antelope down in open country and a place to hang your game for cleaning, cooling or skinning is hard to come by -- until now. This portable, durable tripod sets up and takes down in less than 5 minutes. Use it in the field to prepare your game for the cooler, or as a means of hoisting your trophy high enough to reach the back of your truck or UTV. The sturdy manual ratchet winch and cable let you adjust the height as needed and can lift animals weighing up to 500 lbs. It's a real back-saver and can also save the day on warm-weather hunts when you need to bone-out game fast to get it in a cooler before the meat spoils. 8-foot height. Gambrel not included.Weight: 45 lbs. - $159.99


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