FoodSaver Large 15 Vacuum Sealer Bag Material - $39.99

Ensure the freshest taste and finest quality food out of your freezer with quality Food. Saver Large 15'' Vacuum Sealer Bag Material. Designed to work with the Food. Saver Game. Saver Titanium and other large vacuum packaging systems, these bags ensure a quality vacuum and seal in one easy step to prevent freezer burn, moisture damage, and oxidation. Game meat lasts 3 years while fish lasts 2 years in the freezer with no freezer burn. A quality vacuum sealed dish also speeds marinating, leaving your food ready to cook in minutes instead of overnight. High quality vacuum sealer bags also work great for dry, mildew-free storage of clothes and other supplies. Includes two 15inch wide 20' rolls.Bag material for large 15'' Food. Saver vacuum sealers. Prevents freezer burn and oxidation. Extends the life of your food. Bags - convenient ready-made sizes. Rolls - create custom-sized bags. The Food. Saver Game. Saver Titanium Vacuum Sealer system is sold separately and can be found through item search for number 1935566 - $39.99


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