Foodsaver GameSaver Sport Vacuum Packaging System by Tilia - $79.99

Keep food fresh longer and reduce waste with the Foodsaver Game. Saver Sport Vacuum Packaging System by Tilia. This convenient home vacuum seal system helps you keep fresh fish or game fresh longer without freezer burn and helps you store convenient, easy-to-use single serving portions. Easy to use, the Game. Saver Sport comes with an accessory port, vacuum hose, and Canister mode for sealing canisters. The sealer also comes with one roll of 11'' x 10' bag material, one roll of 8'' x 10' bag material, five quart capacity bags, and five gallon capacity bags. Hands-free operation with easy lock latch. Patented vacuum channel. Piston pump. Dishwasher safe drip tray. Accessory port. Canister mode. Vacuum hose. Hose storage1 roll of 11'' x 10' bag material1 roll of 8'' x 10' bag material5 one-quart capacity bags5 one-gallon capacity bags. Food. Saver Extra Bags and Rolls sold separately and can be found through an item number search at 206903 - $79.99


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