Flir Thermal Imaging Camera - Red - $2,698.88

Ultracompact infrared camera fits in the palm of your hand and produces crisp thermal imagery in a variety of low-light conditions, including total darkness. It uses heat to create images not ambient light, which gives you the advantage in complete darkness. Three polarity modes, white-hot mode, black-hot mode and InstAlert mode with red color for easy target recognition. Weathertight construction for optimum performance in harsh conditions. Offered in two models, the PS24 sports a 240 x 180 Vox resolution, while the PS32 provides a 320 x 240 Vox resolution and a 2X digital zoom. The PS24 detects targets out to 350 yds. and the PS32 out to 500 yds. Both include a USB cable that acts as the charger, wrist strap and drawstring bag. Runs on lithium-ion internal battery (included). Available: PS24, PS32. Color: Red. - $2,698.88


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