flextone Black Rack Rattling System - $24.99

Deliver the true sound of 2 mature bucks fighting the next time you try to rattle antlers from the stand with the Black Rack Rattling System from flextone. This unique call features 2 complete racks to produce the true sound of 2 different mature bucks crashing and rattling antlers in a major fight. Both racks also feature Bone Core technology, which mimics real bone marrow in antlers to help the Black Rack deliver true sound. Built-in handles help keep fingers out of the way while rattling. Non-reflective black color helps conceal movement during use. Manufacturer model #: FG-DEER-00050.Double the amount of rack contact for double the sound2 full racks for more realistic fighting sounds. Bone Core technology - mimics real bone marrow for true sound. Non-reflective black color. Handle design protects fingers while rattling - $24.99