Fitec Super Spreader SS1000 Cast Net (4' 3) - $32.99

Constructed of exclusive Japanese monofilament resin netting, this cast net delivers superior strength, yet is softer for better performance. 1 lb. of weight per radial foot sinks the net fast and provides a super-tight bottom seal. Heavy-duty, high-count 90-lb. test braille lines ensure strong, secure closure upon retrieval. Long, high-floating 26-ft. polyethylene throw line is great for deep water and when current is an issue. 3/8 mesh. Best for baitfish 1 to 12+ in length. For depths up to 16 ft. Available in five sizes (measured in net radius). Sizes: 4-ft., 5-ft., 6-ft. and 7-ft. Size: 4' 3. Type: Casting Nets. - $32.99


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