Fisher Labs F2 Metal Detector - $199.00

An entry-level metal detector with multiple professional-quality features, the F2 from Fisher Labs makes it easy to get started coin shooting, relic hunting, and beach hunting. Simple to operate, the F2 features a large control panel with seven big push buttons and big LCD display to make locating elusive targets easy in any environment. Packed with multiple top-of-the-line features, the F2 features an eight segment visual target display and audio features to help you differentiate desired targets from trash. This visual display includes a two-digit numeric target ID display to help you determine probable metal type. This display also includes a depth meter, target category readout, sensitivity bar graph, battery life indicator, and more. Programmed to automatically ignore most ground minerals, the F2 also features audio tone and vibration features when it locates metal, as well as a four-tone audio ID to indicate different target metals. This versatile, multipurpose detector also features a one-touch pinpoint option with numeric depth readout, coin depth indicator in motion search mode, and notch system for accepting or rejecting target categories to make your searching more productive. Weighing just 2.6 pounds (with batteries), this lightweight metal detector features an adjustable arm cuff on a well-balanced, ergonomic S-handle for greater comfort and less fatigue! Comes with all purpose 8'' concentric searchcoil and two 9V batteries. Operating frequency: 5.9 k. Hz. Manufacturer's five-year warranty.Manufacturer model #: F2.Fast, sensitive target response. Visual and audio target notification and identification. Eight segment visual target display. Four-tone audio IDCoil waterproof. One-touch pinpoint option with numeric depth readout. Coin depth indicator in motion search mode. Notch system for accepting or rejecting target categories. Lightweight 2.6 lbs.Non-motion pinpoint with depth in inches. Locking cam locks for stable feel. Well-balanced S-handle with adjustable arm cuff All purpose 8'' concentric searchcoil1-99 Numerical target IDUses two 9V batteries (included) - $199.00


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