Fishbites Yeh Mon! Freshwater Catfish Bait - $4.29

Are you tired of the stink, fish oils, tissues or extracts found in most stink baits? If so, pick up a package of Yeh Mon! Freshwater Catfish Bait and prepare to be amazed. Upon opening the package, the first thing you will notice is the fact that there is no smell. Its proven scent technology makes the scent activate in the water, leaving you with clean smelling hands before and after you put it on the hook. It features a fiber mesh that keeps the bait together to survive numerous strikes, catches and re-casts. Two per pack. Size: 5/8 wide x 13 long. Flavor/Scent: Liver, Crawfish, Shad. Type: Catfish Bait. - $4.29


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