Find It Games - $19.99

Your little ones will enjoy the hunt for hidden objects buried within the recycled plastic pellets of Find Its Games. Spin it, shake it and twist it until you find all the items listed on the cap. Ideal to play at home, in the office or in the car. Check-off pad included with each. 10-1/2 tall. Available: The Zoo 40 items to find, including reptiles, mammals, birds and bugs. On the Hunt 48 items to find, including bulls-eye, arrow, fish hook, hiking boot and big game. Glitz Glamour 44 items to find, including jewels, high heel, ballet shoes, lipstick, cell phone, pony and hair bow. On the Farm Specially shaped like a silo with 42 items to find, including farm animals, tractor, scarecrow, milk jug and pitch fork. Wildlife 40 animals including buffalo, hippo and crocodile are hiding in the plastic pellets within this tube. Dinosaurs Let your little paleontologist search for 40 hidden dinosaurs and digging tools in this edition of Find It. Type: Games. - $19.99


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