Final Approach Express Layout Blind - Max 4 'Camouflage' - $179.99

This extremely easy to use layout blind sets up in seconds. Combined with light weight, the easy setup enhances mobility if you have to change positions. Youll be ready to hunt just about anywhere. The insulated backrest and floor shield you from cold ground temperatures. The upper is made with durable 600-denier camo fabric that has a PVCwaterproof backing. The floor is made of waterproof 1,200-denier fabric. Dual side flagging holes. Weight: 11-1/2 lbs. Dimensions: Folded: 25W x 32L. Set up: 25W x 78L x 14H. Camo pattern: Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades. Color: Max 4. - $179.99


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