Famous Trails Challenger Metal Detector Kit - $149.99

Famous Trails Challenger Metal Detector Kit helps you locate buried treasure. Hours of fun! The "coinshooting" hunt is ON! Real working Metal Detector locates buried treasures... coins, watches, jewelry, artifacts and more. "Dig up" all sorts of metallic items... valuables, keys and more. Could pay for itself in treasures found in no time! Take it to the beach, parks, fair grounds or your own backyard. You never know what you'll find. It's easy to use, lightweight to carry, the battery power lasts long and the indicator sounds are easy to decipher.Details:Discriminates accurately between different metal types (ferrous / non-ferrous). Distinguishes iron, steel and aluminum from silver or gold. The ground control tunes out false signals in areas with profuse minerals 4 modes: discrimination, tone, all metal and target 3 tone alerts View meter Headphone jack Adjustable shaft for arm support Uses 6 AA batteries (not included) Features a waterproof search coil, comes with protective carrying bag and shovel / sieve. A must for the weekend warrior! Order Today! - $149.99