Everyday Wisdom: 1001 Expert Tips for Hikers - $10.50

Well organized and entertaining, these two additions to the field of camping literature provide a great deal of information to outdoor adventurers, though some overlap does exist. Berger, a contributing editor to Backpacker magazine, gives practical advice to help hikers survive and enjoy their outdoor experiences, addressing pretrip planning, food, cooking, weather, health, first aid, and water. Her love of camping and the wilderness is obvious throughout, making for a fun as well as vastly informative book. Howe, a field editor for Backpacker magazine, contributes the first chapter (about hiking) to Making Camp. Alan Kesselheim, a contributing editor for Canoe & Kayak magazine, writes the second chapter, dealing with the particulars of travel by canoe, kayak, and raft, and subsequent chapters are also written by experts. The final chapter addresses the highly adventurous sport of winter camping. Part of a series on backcountry skills, these two works are comprehensive and easy to use. - $10.50


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