Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Cabin Style Tent - $259.95

When your wife asks you to take the kids camping over the weekend so she can meet her deadline, you agree quickly, because who doesn't love a camping trip? You soon discover that your kids have invited their friends (because who doesn't love a camping trip?), meaning you won't be able to squeeze into that old two man tent your dad bought you back when you were in scouts. With the Eureka Copper Canyon six-person tent, you'll be able to handle your kids and their friends. Space-wise, that is. We won't guarantee your sanity.E! powered portGear loft includedIntended use: Camping3-season rating6-person capacityOne doorSix polesPole material: AluminumColor: White / OrangeDimensions: 10 x 10 x 7 feetPack size: 8 x 26 inchesPack weight: 23 pounds 2 ouncesNew - $259.95


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