EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight - Model G33.STS Magnifier - $549.99

Whether you?re an avid hunter, in law enforcement, or in the military, an EOTech Holographic Sight will give you an undeniable tactical advantage. Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS) offer true two-eye shooting for a better targeting experience. State-of-the-art Heads-Up Display Window is built from three-layer shatterproof laminate glass and protected by a rugged, roll bar-style hood for the apex of durability. Precisely designed and rigorously tested to perform in the most demanding environments, from ?40?F up to 150?F, in snow, mud, ice, or rain. Waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. Add the G33 magnifier to any EOTech HWS sight and you can go from 1X to 3X magnification instantly.The G33.STS offers improved mounting to provide faster transitioning from 1X to 3X. Features include tool free azimuth adjustment; a larger field of view; adjustable diopter for improved, more precise focusing; superior light transmission; split-second transitioning from CQB to medium range targeting; hand adjustable windage and elevation adjustments; and a locking, quick detach lever for easy attachment and removal of both the optic and the mount. It aligns perfectly with standard height sights and includes a 7mm riser to accommodate the 7mm raised sights. Manufacturer model #: G33.STS.G33 magnifier with Quick Switch to Side (STS) mount. Provides faster transitioning from 1x to 3x. Tool free azimuth adjustment. Larger field of view. Adjustable diopter for improved, more precise focusing. Superior light transmission. Split-second transitioning from CQB to medium range targeting. Hand adjustable windage and elevation adjustments. Locking, quick detach lever for easy attachment and removal Aligns perfectly with standard height sights. Includes 7mm riser to accommodate the 7mm raised sights EOTech: The inventors of the Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS)Advanced laser and holographic technology increases accuracy and speeds target acquisition. The EOTech HWS uses patented technology to provide the user a parallax-free sighting device that is nearly indestructible, anditalso removes some of the complexities fromtargetingand allows theaimingprocess to become more instinctive and reflexive. EOTech sights have been standardized by countless military and law-enforcement agencies worldwide, including the FBI, US Border Patrol, and Texas State Police. - $549.99


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