EOTech 553.A65BLK Tactical Holographic Weapon Sight - $679.99

Holographic Weapons Sights have proven effective for fighter pilots, military and police units. This revolutionary technology is renowned for its precision accuracy, extreme durability and ability to function in harsh conditions. Get a close-quarters edge from state-of-the-art holographic Reflex Sight technology that offers split-second reticle-on-target acquisition. Its parallax-free ballistic reticle provides an undistorted view of the target and extends your effective long-range potential out to 300 meters. Made for the M4A1 and CQBR. Zero magnification for a full field of vision. Unlimited eye relief. Waterproof to 66 ft. Fogproof internal optics. Runs up to 1,100 hours on two lithium batteries.Mounts with USSOCOM dual quick-release throw levers on a standard Picatinny rail. Rated for Nightvision devices. Weight: 12.3 oz. Sight dimensions: 4.9L x 1.8W x 2.8H. Type: Sights. - $679.99


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