Eotech 552 Sight With Laser Batter Cap - $895.00

The battle-proven Model 552 has been the sight of choice by militay unlits lik Stryker Brigade, 10th Mountain and 3rd Infantry for many years. As a trusted optic that can withstand great punishment, the 552 has just gotten better. Introducing the new 552.LBC2 with integrated low-power visible and IR lasers. It is the same rugged optic with upgraded laser features, makin it the perfect CQB optic for military and law enforcement personnel. Remote pressure switch sold separately. View 552 Operator's Manual PDF. Mfg: Eotech SPECS: Uses 2xAA batteries. 24 (alkaline) or 36 (lithium) continuous hours of runtime at nominal setting 12 - both lasers on. Weights approx. 10.9 oz. - $895.00


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