EntreeAir Door Frame Fan - $29.99

Heating and cooling costs can force your electricity / gas bill amount through the roof. EntreeAir Door Frame Fan can help you cut those costs. When you use a window air conditioner unit, the cold air sits in the room with the unit, but it doesn't really cool much more of your living space. The same applies to a fireplace or wood... it'll heat up that room, but it doesn't immediately heat up any other rooms. The Door Frame Fan can be placed in any doorway, without interfering with its ability to close, and move that cooler / warmer air into other living areas. By moving this cooler / warmer air it other areas, you save on having additional space heaters / window air conditioner units around your house, saving you money. You can even put one in seldom-used rooms, such as guest bedrooms to remove the stuffiness, saving you time in airing it out before the in-laws arrive. All this savings, and it only costs pennies a day to run.BUILT FOR MANY YEARS TO COME.The Fan really wouldn't save you any money if you had to replace it everything 6 months. EntreeAir understands this fact and constructed this Fan out of fire-retardant ABS for greater longevity and durability. The electrical plug is polarized to prevent electric shocks that can damage your Fan. To prevent electrical surges from killing your motor, the plug has a fuse built directly into it that can be replaced if it is blown. The Door Frame Fan was built to be used, non-stop, for years to come. You can still turn it off, but once you feel the temperature difference, we don't think you'll want to.Circulates warm air in the winter and cool air in the summerMounts easily in right or left corner of door frame, will not impede door closingMounting hardware included10' cord with polarized plug and in-line on / off switchUL-listed7" x 3 1/2" x 7"h., approx. 2 lbs.Stay comfy, order now! - $29.99


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