Eco Pro Tungsten Flipping Weights - Green - $5.99

Specifically designed for flipping baits into heavy cover, these Eco Pro Tungsten Flipping Weights are denser than lead for a slimmer profile. Polished, insert-free design frays line less and increases sensitivity. Seal Coat painting process creates one of the most chip-resistant finishes available. 100% lead-free. Sizes: 3/8 oz. (Per 3) 1/2 oz. (Per 2) 3/4 oz. (Per 2) 1 oz. (Per 2) 1-1/4 oz. (Per 1) 1-1/2 oz. (Per 1) Colors: Black, Green Pumpkin, Black Neon, Watermelon Red. Color: Green. Type: Weights. - $5.99


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