Eclipse Home Decor Candle by the Hour 60-Hour Wide Candle and Refill - $19.99

The original version of the Candle by the Hour was invented in the 1600?s. America had an abundance of beeswax which they crafted into unique rope candles. Called inch. Courting Candles,inch the rope was thread notched at a measured length: likeable young gentlemen suitors visiting a young girl got the inchlong ropeinch while less desirable guests got the inchshort rope.inch When the flame reached the clip and extinguished, it was time for the guest to say good-bye and go home.To use this modern Candle by the Hour Wide Candle, simply feed the beeswax coil candle through the patented clip in 2inch portions or less. Made of 100% beeswax, this candle self-extinguishes when the flame reaches the clip. This Candle by the Hour Wide Candle features a metal copper tone stand with an elegant wick holder. 60-hour burn time. Measures 7.68inch x 5.51'' x 5.51inch. Refill candle sold separately and measures 4.65inch x 4.84inch x 4.84inch. Made in USA.Metal copper tone stand with elegant wick holder. Self-extinguishes when flame reaches clip100% beeswax candle. Burns for 60 hours - $19.99


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