Easton EC70 Seatpost - Offset - $80.00

Thanks to genetic differences, we'll never all ride the same equipment. Luckily, companies like Easton make different seatposts that reflect our particular sizing needs. If you find yourself in the camp that prefers a setback post, the Easton EC70 Seatpost may just be the winning ticket. It features proven aluminum/carbon composite construction and weighs as little as other seatposts costing twice as much.The EC70 uses a two bolt design for the seat rail clamp. We've found this to be generally superior to single bolt clamps in terms of minute adjustments in saddle tilt. There are no splines, teeth, or otherwise to dictate exactly where you can position your saddle. The design relies on two simple bolts to apply even torque to both ends of the clamp and each is adjusted independently of the other to secure the unit. The forged alloy clamp assembly is bonded to the seatpost shaft, which is made of their CNT carbon fiber and uses Easton's Taperwall and RAD (relief area design) technology to minimize the material while preserving the strength necessary for a durable post worthy of their 5 year warranty.The Easton EC70 Seatpost has 10mm of clamp offset and is available with a 350mm length in three diameters -- 27.2mm, 30.9mm, and 31.6mm. 215 grams - $80.00