Easton Axis Realtree HIT Insert Shafts - $119.99

This arrow is single-handedly paving the way in technological advancements in the archery world. Easton went to great lengths, enlisting the worlds leading nanotechnology experts to develop molecularly bonded carbon nanotubes to put in arrows with nano-fused construction. Nano-infused, or Carbon Axis arrows, are lighter than the old Axis, yet have higher strength. Combined with HIT and ST technology, Hybtonite nanotechnology gives you deep penetration, superior accuracy and unparalleled strength. With a .003 straightness factor and weight tolerance of 1 grain, these arrows are sure to give you an edge when you get a shot at your next trophy. Shafts are full length with inserts loose. Sizes: 400, 9.8 gpi 340, 10.3 gpi Dia: .270 (340), .267 (400). Recommended Field point size: 9/32, 17/64. Draw Weight (lbs.) Arrow Length (in.) 27 28 29 30 31 32 - $119.99


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