Drury Outdoors Predator Madness DVDs Volumes 4 and 5 - $7.88

Drury's top guns take no prisoners as they roam North, South, East and West to bring you the finest reel of down-n-dirty dog devastation to ever hit the shelves. Available: Predator Madness Vol. 4 A host of varmints bearing tooth, fang and claw meet the Drury Outdoors Team in this ferocious collection of predator-smashing action. The team hits 'em hard, fast and continuously with rifle, archery and trapping. 120 minutes. 40 kills. Predator Madness Vol. 5 Fur flies with a ferocity never before caught on tape as 33 coyotes, three bobcats and two foxes get smashed with some serious heavy metal from way up the food chain. 120 minutes. 38 kills. - $7.88