Drift Paddle Accessory for Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors - $199.99

More accurate angle and speed control than a drift sock. Slows your boat by up to 50%Works with your main motor for light trolling. Easy on and off-at the dock or on the water. Fits any 8' or 10' Power-Pole shallow water anchor7 quick-change locking positions for fast angle adjustment. Includes all installation hardware. Add the Drift Paddle Accessory to your Power-Pole shallow water anchor and you'll have the drift control and accuracy you've always dreamed about. The Drift Paddle comes with all the hardware to easily install on any 8' of 10' Power-Pole anchor-at the dock or while on the water. The Drift Paddle features seven quick-change locking positions to give you complete and easy course correction. Change the bow angle from port to starboard, or even sideways. It slows the boat up to 50%, and, because it attaches to the Power-Pole anchor, you can slow the boat at the touch of a button while you continue to cast without interruption. At the end of a drift, simply retract the Power-Pole, which lifts the Drift Paddle completely out of the water. Then, motor back to your start position, deploy the paddle, and make another pass. Dramatically shorten the turning radius of your boat to follow shore contour lines more tightly and work a zone more effectively. Designed for use in fresh or saltwater, the Drift Paddle allows continued use of the Power-Pole spike for anchoring. Height: 46. Width: 5 (top);15 (bottom); .25 thick. Manufacturer's 2 year limited warranty. Made in USA. - $199.99


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