Dreamweaver Trolling Spoons - Ruby Red - $6.19

Proven on the tournament circuit and by weekend anglers who know a good thing when they see it. Holographic finishes add fish-attracting flash to the Dreamweavers enticing wobble. Per each. Sizes: 3-3/4, 4-3/4. Colors: (102)Holographic Green Dolphin, (104)Holographic Blue Dolphin, (112)Holographic Frozen Blue Dolphin, (314)Holographic Lemon Ice, (320)Holographic Monkey Puke, (406)Holographic Ruby Red, (503)Frog, (600)Holographic Firetiger, (616)Orange Crush, (670)Holographic Greasy Chicken, (801)Holographic Silver Alewife, (802)Holographic Emerald Shad, (803)Holographic Silver Pink Alewife, (980)Kervorkian. Color: Ruby Red. Type: Casting & Trolling Spoons. - $6.19


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