Dokken's DeadFowl Retriever Trainers - $24.99

During the season, your dog will be working with live birds in the field. In training, have them work with these trainers, which are as close to the real birds as you can get. The soft, durable foam body simulates the look and feel of a downed bird, and they weigh approximately the same as the real thing. Head and feet are constructed of hard material to deter grasping in undesirable locations. The flopping head also discourages dogs from shaking birds during retrieves. The Mallard, Redhead, Pheasant, and Pintail measures 18 x 5; the Canvasback measures 16 x 5, Wood Duck measures 15 x 4-1/2. The Grouse measures 15-3/4 x 4, the Chukar measures 11 x 3-1/2, and the Mini Mallard measures 13 x 2.5. Available: Mallard, Redhead, Pintail, Pheasant, Wood Duck, Grouse, Chukar, Canvasback, Mini Mallard. Type: Dummies & Launchers. - $24.99


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