Do-All Outdoors Impact-Seal Pigeon Perch - Clay - $21.99

Its fun to shoot clay pigeons on stands, but one hit from a bullet or BB on a plastic stand and the fun is over. Pigeon Perch eliminates that problem. This clay target rest is made of self-healing material thats able to withstand repeated hits from anything from BB guns to high-power rifles and handguns. Bullets pass through the material and closes back up behind them. Pigeon Perch is easy to set up. Just insert the rod into the bottom of the holder, push the assembly into the ground in front of a safe backstop and slide a standard 4.5 clay pigeon into the holders slot. Shoot at the target with any caliber of rifle, handgun or air gun even use the setup for precision archery practice. Per 3. Color: Clay. - $21.99


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