Do All Outdoors Impact Seal Dancing Ball - Ground Bouncing Target - $26.99

Self heals itself after the bullet passes through-won?t lose its shape. Withstands the impact of 1000s of rounds Flies and rolls unpredictably. The Do All Outdoors Dancing Ball Bouncing Target creates a challenge for shooters by forcing them to locate their target as it flies and rolls unpredictably and readjust their sight picture for every shot. Shooters can enjoy countless hours of shooting excitement with the Dancing Ball Ground Bouncing Target, made of lightweight Impact Seal, a technologically advanced polymer material that ?self heals? itself after the bullet passes through. The Dancing Ball retains its shape, even after being struck with thousands of rounds of handgun and rifle ammunition. The Do All Outdoors Dancing Ball Target provides a fun and realistic way to practice shooting.Manufacturer model #: ISBD4. - $26.99