Do-All Outdoors Hot Box Impact Seal Bouncing Target - $26.99

The Hot Box Bouncing Target by Do-All Outdoors bounces, flies, and rolls unpredictably every time a bullet strikes it, challenging the shooter to readjust their sight picture and shoot at a target that continually changes its angle to the shooter. Made from Impact Seal a technologically advanced polymer material, the Hot Box self heals upon bullet impact to endure thousands of rounds from .22-.50 caliber. The Do-All Outdoors Hot Box ground bouncing, reactive target provides hours of endless fun for young and experienced shooters alike, and is a great way to sharpen your skills for hunting or self-defense.Manufacturer model #: ISHB4.Extremely challenging and realistic way to practice. Impact Seal material withstands thousands of rounds. Reactive target bounces, and rolls unpredictably Changes its angle to the shooter with every shot - $26.99