Dick-Nite Spoons - Chartreuse - $4.29

A versatile spoon that performs in a variety of fishing presentations from casting and trolling to ice fishing and stream fishing. This spoons unique action and color patterns attract a wide variety of game fish, including salmon, trout, walleye, bass, pike and more. Per each. Sizes: No. 0: OAL: 1-1/2; Spoon length: 13/16 No. 1: OAL: 2; Spoon length: 1 No. 2: OAL: 2-7/8; Spoon length: 1-3/8 Colors: (001)Nickel, (003)Chartreuse/Pearl, (004)50/50 Nickel Brass, (007)Nickel/Frog, (008)Brass/Chartreuse, (009)Pearl/Green, (011)Brass/Green, (012)Hot Pink/Pearl (not shown), (013)Pink/Holographic Glitter, (014)Glow Pink (not shown), (077)Hot Pink/Holographic Glow, (112)UV Hot Pink Pearl, (202)Brass (not shown), (204)Red/Pearl (not shown), (213)Frog (not shown), (218)Nickel Red Head, (242)UV Chartreuse Hot Head, (249)UV Pearl/Hot Head (not shown), (291)Nickel Chartreuse Head, (430)UV Red Pearl, (434)UV Orange Pearl, (435)UV Chartreuse Pearl (not shown). Color: Chartreuse. Type: Spoons. - $4.29


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