Deadly Decoys Flyer Snow Goose Decoy - $34.99

Adding a Deadly Decoys Flyer Snow Goose Decoy to decoy spreads is a great way to fool the most gun shy birds into shotgun range. This Snow Goose flyer has wings with full color and ultra realistic feather detail that activate and flap in the wind, simulating a flying Snow Goose setting into a flock. Deadly Decoys feature a Back. Bone Support, and a Tyvek Body Bag with intricate detail and colors. The bags have a wide mouth that catches the slightest breeze, resulting in the kind of realistic movement needed for successful goose hunting. The Tyvek Body Bag is lightweight, waterproof, and rot proof. A true-to-life 3D feeder head and attachable feet complete the natural appearance of the bird. The Deadly Decoys Flyer Snow Goose Decoy comes with a 24inch loop, stainless steel stake, 2 retainer tubes, and 2 wing spars. Decoy can be mounted on a 3 to 10 foot stick or rod (not included) depending on the desired height of the decoy. The Flyer Decoy assembles and disassembles in seconds, making it easy to pack and carry to your goose blind. It's quick to set up, and adds natural movement to decoy spreads that attracts large flocks of wary geese. Manufacturer model #: FLY-SNO-1.Fools the most gun shy birds. Waterproof Tyvek Body Bag. Intricate, full color feather detail. Realistic wind activated body and wings. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Come with 24 stainless steel stake - $34.99


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