Dead Ringer Kill Switch Turkey Broadhead - $39.99

Increase your chances of a quick, clean harvest during bow season in the turkey woods with the Kill Switch Turkey Broadhead from Dead Ringer. This straight-flying, 2-blade, 150-grain broadhead delivers a 5inch wide cutting path when deployed for clean and deadly head or body shots you can count on to put that big gobbler on the ground. Combining a strong, smooth penetrating, trocar tip with Forward Blade Deployment design and 1-3/4inch flight width, this broadhead is built to deliver field point accuracy in the field. Versatile design works with both compound bows and crossbows, with no need for special arrows or quivers. Razor sharp, .032inch stainless steel blades. 3 pack.Manufacturer model #: DR5200.Straight shooting turkey broadhead with large 5inch cutting width150-grain, 2-blade expandable design - razor sharp, .032inch stainless steel blades. Strong, deep penetrating trocar tip. Forward Blade Deployment design - 1-3/4inch flight width, field point accuracy. Works with compound bows or crossbows3 pack - $39.99


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