Day Hikes on Kauai: 55 Great Hikes - $11.95

Day Hikes on Kauai is a concise guide to 55 incredible hikes, from coastline paths to mountain vistas. These day hikes include waterfalls, swimming holes, coastal hideaways, canyons, lush jungles, plunging cliffs and some of the island's most spectacular scenery. The hikes accommodate all levels of experience - from easy strolls to moderately strenuous ridge trails. About the Author: Robert Stone grew up hiking and backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. As a boy he learned and practiced the basics of wilderness survival and low impact camping. Robert has lived in the Rocky Mountains of Montana since the late 1970s. When he is not traveling, he continues to horsepack and hike extensively throughout Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and the Beartooth Mountains. His love of travel and deep interest in the outdoors led Robert to work on hiking guides year-round as a writer, photographer, and publisher. He has hiked every trail in every Day Hikes book. - $11.95


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