Davis Vantage VUE Pro Weather Station - Sunrise - $349.99

This two-part wireless weather station keeps track of changing weather conditions and records the data. The anemometer gives wind speed and direction and provides quick updates every 2.5 seconds. 1,000-ft. transmission is three times farther than similar units. The rain collector reads in precise 0.01 or 0.02mm increments. The integrated sensor suite combines a rain gauge, temperature/humidity sensors and an anemometer/directional wind vane into a single, high-performance unit. Lithium battery provides backup power. It has a waterproof cover and durable corrosion-resistant protection. Built-in bubble level. The console has a backlit LCD screen and glow-in-the dark keypad. Tracks daily sunrise/sunset times. Five-position arrow shows barometric trends. Gauge automatically empties every one-hundredth of an inch of rain. Display: 4.15 x 3. Color: Sunrise. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. - $349.99


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