Daiwa AccuDepth Plus B BW Line Counter Reel - $74.99

Serious anglers want a reel they can count on. That's why Daiwa designed the Accu. Depth Plus B/BW Line Counter Reels. Now, when trolling for trophies, you'll know where your bait is running. The Daiwa Accu. Depth Plus B/BW Reels measure line out in feet, allowing you to find the strike zone again and again. Features include a strong, lightweight graphite composite frame, machine- cut brass gears, a spool clicker and automatic clutch engagement. Drag washers are smooth Teflon-impregnated felt. Whether you're using a downrigger ball, flat lines, diving planers, or lead-core line, the Daiwa Accu. Depth Plus B/BW Line Counter Reels make locating and landing fish easier than ever. Models AD17LCB and AD27LCBW have a double paddle handle. Models AD27LCB, AD47LCB, and AD57LCB have a counter balanced power handle.Direct-drive, built-in line counter. Machine-cut brass gears. One-piece composite frame. Smooth Teflon-impregnated felt drag. Spool clicker. Auto-engage clutch - $74.99