Daiichi D84Z Circle Chunk Light Bleeding Bait Hooks - Clear (1) - $4.19

When youre pursuing hard-hitting saltwater fish like tarpon or stripers or freshwater brutes like catfish, your bait hook must be powerful enough to stand its ground. Chunk Light Bleeding Bait hooks hold bait firmly and wont fail when a grouper or striper chomps down. A slightly wider gap makes it easier to bait, and the STOP GAP baitholder keeps the gap clear during hooksets. The bend in the hook prevents bait from sliding toward the point. Each point is designed with tough 80-carbon steel, and the slow curve gives you fast penetration. All Daiichi hooks have extra-sharp barbs for excellent penetration. And the Bleeding Bait color is irresistible to fish. Light wire. Sizes: 1/0 (per 7); 5/0 (per 4); 7/0 (per 3). Size: 1. Color: Clear. Type: Octopus/Circle. - $4.19


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